Why This Website Exists

For a country as wealthy as Australia, the fact that homelessness has risen 14 per cent in the past five years is mind blowing. (link)

For my third year I was given an assignment (as all university students are), that required creating a short film and website, of any genre or interest of my choosing. I wanted to use this assignment as an opportunity to embark on a project that incorporated film production, journalism and website development all in one. 

I grew up in rural Victoria, meaning I had never witnessed homelessness until I moved to Melbourne for university. As much as I was enjoying all the city life had to offer I was equally taken back on how many people walked past those living on the street everyday,  without taking a glance. Now, three years later, I’ve realised I have become of one those people.

I decided I want to change, you can’t call yourself an advocate if you’re not taking simple, everyday actions. Through this project I’ve realised the best way to help someone is to simply sit down and ask them how you should help. 

I could go on with statistics on homelessness but I think a better action is that we start putting names to the bodies we see sleeping on our streets, so we start thinking of them as people and not just numbers.